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Fire truck and ambulance crash at intersection

When you see a fire truck coming in your direction, it is natural to pull over to clear the road for the truck. After all, fire trucks must reach their destination quickly, as lives are at stake. The same could be said for ambulances; regardless of whether they are responding to a person in distress or taking someone to the hospital.

With all the emphasis on yielding to emergency vehicles, it is particularly ironic when an accident occurs between emergency vehicles. According to a number of media reports, a half dozen firefighters were hurt when an ambulance allegedly crashed into their fire truck as it passed through an intersection. The impact was strong enough to tip the 20,000 ton truck onto its side. The front end of the ambulance was also dismantled as a result of the impact. 

The traffic light is more than 100 years old this month

The next time you are stuck at a traffic light and believe that it is the reason for your long commute, you may think about what life would be like without any traffic signals. Believe it or not, cities functioned without traffic lights early in the 20thcentury. In fact, there are many rural cities in North Carolina that still do not have any traffic lights.

But frustrations about traffic does not mean that we should not celebrate milestone birthdays, and the 101st anniversary of the traffic light is no different. On August 5, 1914, the first traffic light was installed at the corner of 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. The traffic light was supposed to provide for a better commute for the traffic light’s inventor, James Hoge. He was awarded a patent for his invention four years later. 

Could early warning systems become standard on all cars?

In a matter of weeks, new model year cars will find their way onto dealerships’ parking lots. It is almost like a rite of fall (as opposed to a rite of spring). Substantial discounts on this year’s models get old cars off the lot, while new cars come in, with only slight discounts to drive activity.

With many new cars, a collision avoidance system is an attractive option that salespeople will try to convince people to purchase. This is especially true on entry level vehicles where additional options may be scarce. 

Hackers take control of Jeep to prove a point

Imagine if you are driving down I-95 at a normal speed. Suddenly, you lose control of your accelerator. Even though you are not losing speed, you try to put on the brakes so that you can pull over and stop. However, that doesn’t work. It is almost like someone is controlling your car and you are powerless to stop them.

Thankfully, traffic is light and you are able to guide your car off the freeway and then suddenly you are able to regain control of your car. What appears to be just a bizarre mishap could actually be the work of a sophisticated hacker. 

What to look for after a child suffers a head injury

Being in a car accident is scary enough by yourself. Imagine the pain that could be felt when a child is injured in a crash. Indeed, most vehicles now have safety systems that can lessen the impact of a crash on all occupants involved, including children. Also, with North Carolina law mandating that children be in safety seats, the chances of a severe injury coming from a car accident  can be reduced.

Nevertheless, it is not unheard of for kids to suffer head injuries when involved in car accidents. Because of this parents should know the warning signs of a concussion and be ready to seek emergency medical care. With that, this post will identify some concussion symptoms that parents should be aware of. 

Another airbag maker investigated for defects

Could it be that millions of cars on the road could be potential deathtraps because of the very things that are supposed to save lives; their airbags? Indeed, this may seem a little far-fetched, but it appears that another airbag manufacturer is under fire for providing potentially defective airbags to multiple automakers.

In a prior post, we highlighted the story of Japanese airbag maker Takata, Inc. and how the company was under tremendous scrutiny for providing airbags that have cylinders that could explode and send metal fragments into unsuspecting drivers. However, another manufacturer is joining these infamous ranks.

The basics of a premises liability lawsuit

We hope that our readers had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend. The weather was great across our region and the traffic nightmares were not as bad as we may have thought. Nevertheless, there were several serious accidents that garnered headlines over the weekend. The accident that perhaps received the most attention was a deck collapse at a North Carolina beach house.

According to an ABC News.com report, several family members visiting from Virginia were gathering on the deck when it gave way, sending everyone to the ground below. It is estimated that the deck was more than 10 feet off the ground. While an investigation is still ongoing, it is believed that rotting wood and failing nails were responsible for the deck’s compromise. 

Three helpful things to do after a car accident

When you plan a holiday weekend road trip, you may think about the essentials: how much food to pack in the cooler; whether there are movies for the kids to watch, whether you packed all that you will need at your destination, whether you need to get gas.

In all of your pre-trip preparations, you probably don’t think about what to do in the event of an accident. After all, why should you? Most people are safe, prudent drivers who have never been in a crash. Nevertheless it is better to be safe than sorry. With that, we offer the following tips for what to do after an accident

Could a clear truck save lives?

Driving behind a slow moving truck on a remote, two-lane road can be annoying. On the one hand, you may want to pass the truck since it may be travelling below the speed limit, or at least below the speed limit you may want to be driving. On the other hand, you don’t want to end up in a head-on collision with another car while attempting to overtake the truck, since many times the trailer is too large to see other cars coming in the other direction.

If South Korean electronics company Samsung has its way, this safety hazard could be alleviated. According to an ABC News.com report, the company is developing what can be called “see through” trucks, which will enable drivers to see what is in front of the truck to enable safer passing. 

Why you should know about PTSD after a car accident

It’s perfectly normal to be shaken up after a car accident. After all, who leaves their home, backs out of their driveway and proceeds to their destination actually expecting to be in an accident? Before the year 2015 is over, more than two million accidents are expected to occur across the U.S. With these crash numbers, it is possible for nearly 30,000 to develop severe emotional issues stemming from the accident.

There are several reasons behind this. First, the emotional trauma could such that a person develops post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). This is an emotional state where a person may continually relive the accident through flashbacks or have problems dealing with the fear or remorse that lingers after a crash. Because of this, an accident victim could become depressed or develop anxiety problems that they never had to deal with before. 

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