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How road rage can lead to accidents during Thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time where people get together and celebrate their good fortune (i.e. give thanks), the roads used to travel to destinations could be fraught with short tempers and rage. After all, the Thanksgiving holiday week is expected to be the busiest travel time of the year, with an estimated 46 million people taking to the road across the country this week, according to an ABC News report.

An expected storm is poised to make travel difficult between Wednesday evening (the biggest travel day) and Friday afternoon. This may slow travel down to a crawl, and raise tensions at the same time. The potential for road rage is real, and substantial danger can arise.

Questions about car crash lawsuits answered

Being involved in a car accident can bring about a myriad of questions, many of which may not actually be legal questions. This is certainly understandable, as many people will not be in a serious accident in their lifetime. For those who have had the misfortune of being struck by another driver, having answers to basic questions about what to do is helpful. Through this post we will try to do just that.

The following is not legal advice, but we hope the information we provide will be beneficial to those who have been injured in car accidents.

Three things that help with your car accident case

Insurance companies are not in business to lose money. Indeed, premium payments help to bolster their bottom lines, but paying too much when it comes to claims may be just as bad as losing a customer to another insurer. Because of this, insurance companies take their time in determining who is liable in a car accident.

Just like the insurance company, you should find evidence that will support your claim as well. This post will highlight three things that can help your claim (or your case depending on if you need to initiate legal action).

Secrets that insurance companies may not want you to know

Ever wonder why Flo from Progressive, the Geico gecko, Dennis Haysbert and J.K. Simmons are famous? Of course, the latter two actors are well known for their roles on “The Unit” and “The Closer” respectively, but all of them are insurance company pitchmen. It’s their job to personify the savings and convenience of having their company insure your car, home or any other personal items you have. While the commercials they are featured certainly are memorable and entertaining, there are a number of things that insurers won’t tell you about their products.

This post will identify a few of them.

Heads up displays may be dangerous

If you’re in the market for a new car, it is likely that manufacturers and car salespeople will try to sway you with information and explanations about the latest technical upgrades. Many focus on safety, such as proximity sensors and back up cameras. However, the newest upgrades are created to make driving and following directions easier.

With that, some new cars include a display that can help drivers see icons on their windshields. Essentially, images from the dashboard or a navigational system would appear driver’s line of sight so that their eyes do not leave the road. These displays are called “heads up displays” or HUDs. They are available on the Mercedes Benz E-Class, the BMW 5 Series and a host of other luxury vehicles.  

Three helpful Halloween safety tips

Halloween night is arguably the ultimate holiday for candy lovers and makeup artists. After all, kids or all ages will take part in dressing in costumes, while little ones will be walking their neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating. Festivities on Halloween night brings its own set of dangers, however. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of car-pedestrian accidents tends to go up on October 31. Because of this, it is important for pedestrians to be particularly vigilant.

This post will highlight a few helpful tips so that people can have a safe and scary Halloween.

Faulty airbags are the next issue for automakers

If you have purchased a car within the last five years, chances are that you have had no problems with it. This may be especially true if it has not been subject to a recall to correct a defect. However, in 2014, it appears that no vehicle is immune from recalls.

In prior posts, we highlighted the massive recalls initiated by General Motors because of a defect in the ignition switch that could disable the car and put an unsuspecting driver in serious danger. The recall has affected cars sold in North Carolina and across the United States. 

How many ignition switch injury claims will GM resolve?

We previously noted the recalls that General Motors initiated on the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac XTS based on problems with the electronic parking brake installed in both vehicles. GM is still in the news with new information on how it intends to review claims from those injured or killed as a result of crashes caused by the ignition switch problem that caused more than 2.5 million cars to be recalled.

According to a New York Times article that highlighted the tragic end of one woman who received a recall notice three days before she was killed in a fiery accident, GM is poised to payout claims that are likely to cost the company at least $70 million this year. 

Wal-Mart claims lack of seatbelts led to Tracy Morgan's injuries

Many people may not remember the horrific crash earlier this summer that seriously injured comedian Tracy Morgan, killed another man and injured three others aboard a limousine bus. The crash occurred on I-95 in New Jersey involving a truck owned by retailer Wal-Mart. However, the crash is being scrutinized again as Wal-Mart recently filed a response to the complaint filed by Morgan and the others injured in the crash

Why drowsy driving can be a hazard

Drunk driving and distracted driving are two widely publicized taboos that garner a wide variety of public service announcements decreeing these practices. Both are crimes in the state of North Carolina and both are culprits in thousands of crashes each year. However, not as much is reported about drowsy driving, even though it can be as potentially dangerous as drunk driving.

Indeed, federal law limits the number of hours that truck drivers can be behind the wheel because of the potential for sleepy drivers to cause catastrophic accidents. However, these limitations do not apply to the general public. Nevertheless, the danger that can come about because of drowsy driving still remains. 

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