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Impaired wrong-way driver causes crash

Drunk driving is a problem throughout the nation. All too often people who have consumed too much to alcohol get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive. Sometimes they end up involved in motor vehicle accidents that hurt themselves. Other times innocent bystanders who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time are injured. One such accident recently resulted in serious injuries to a 41-year-old North Carolina woman whose vehicle was hit by another as she made her way to work. Though she survived the crash, following an operation, she was listed in serious condition.

Heavier truck amendment fails

Whether we realize it or not, Most of us who live in the United States rely upon trucks to transport goods we use regularly. Because of this, trucking is big business and there are many regulations in place regarding how trucking companies can operate. Some of those regulations, such as a ban on how many hours a driver can work, pertain to the person behind the wheel. Others focus on how much can be transported. Recently lawmakers sought to change the weight of trucks allowed on our nation’s roads. 

Family of boy who died in crash while hypnotized settles case

It is likely not a surprise to readers to hear that teenagers make decisions in life than can lead to serious injuries and even death. These injuries often involve an accident with a vehicle that is caused by dangerous actions on the part of the teen. There are of course other causes of teen car accidents. The details surrounding the death of a teen in a motor vehicle accident in another state may surprise readers.  A settlement was recently reached in connection with his death.

Survey reveals popularity of texting while driving

Though it has been widely communicated that using one’s phone while driving to text, talk on the phone or use the internet is dangerous, people throughout the country nonetheless continue to do so. Drivers in the state of North Carolina included. While there are times when people do so without any repercussions, other times engaging in distracted driving will lead to a car accident

Watch for drunk drivers on Halloween night

Last year, there were nearly 600 people who were cited for drunk driving during the Halloween “Booze It & Lose It” campaign. This year, with Halloween being on a Saturday, there will likely be an even larger number of drunk drivers on the roadways.

If you are planning on taking your children trick-or-treating, throwing a Halloween party or being out-and-about on Halloween night, keep these tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in mind in effort to stay safe. 

Drunk driver posts live streaming video of her journey

It's common knowledge that drunk drivers in North Carolina and throughout the country cause countless deaths and injuries every year. Everyone from government officials and charitable organizations to Hollywood celebrities have repeatedly spoken out against the dangers — and needless tragedies — associated with drunk driving.

Nevertheless, men and women under the influence of alcohol continue to operate motor vehicles. Sometimes they don't realize that a single alcoholic beverage has actually impaired their driving ability. At other times, they know full well that they are doing something dangerous and illegal.

North Carolina has numerous cellphone bans for drivers

Imagine that you are driving down the highway with your family in the car, and as you pass an on-ramp, a swerving and unstable vehicle gets on the highway. You see this vehicle and immediately think that they are talking on their cellphone or texting, so you keep your distance. A couple of minutes later, you pass the vehicle on the left, and what do you see? A ghostly glow illuminating the driver's face as he or she looks down into her lap -- a clear sign that this driver is looking at an electronic device and, most likely, a cellphone.

It's incredible just how many people choose to drive while using a cellphone nowadays, even with the overwhelming evidence that shows using a cellphone increases your chances of causing or being involved in a car accident.

North Carolina seeing more wrong way accidents

Recently, there has been a major spike in one particular type of car accident here in North Carolina: crashes involving wrong way driving.

According to recently released statistics regarding wrong way crashes in North Carolina, the state saw a 67 percent increase in such accidents last year. 

The Internet vs. a professional

When people need help, they often turn to the Internet. Whether it is a medical condition, tough financial situation or difficult legal problem -- people depend on the computer. Even though there are thousands and thousands of professionals out there, we tend to trust a screen over a real, live person.

We understand why people do that. The Internet can be very helpful. Moreover, it is only natural to check out and investigate an issue before you act. So, after you do that, consider legal assistance. Lawyers are trained professionals, and a good one can really improve your circumstances.

Property owners owe a duty to prevent slips and falls

Owning a home, store or other piece of real property can be financially and spiritually rewarding, but it also provides the owner with certain responsibilities. Among these duties is to keep the premises reasonably safe for visitors. This is because the average houseguest or customer is unlikely to be aware of hazards, especially if they are hidden, until it is too late.

For instance, if a property owner does not keep the floors, sidewalks and other walking surfaces reasonably clean, dry and even, a slip-and-fall accident is very possible. Also called a trip and fall, a slip and fall can be surprisingly dangerous. A person who suffers a sudden and unexpected fall can suffer broken bones, head injuries and other serious damage.

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