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Tips for new and old motorcycle accidents

In North Carolina, riding motorcycles during the spring is almost like an annual ritual. Yes, winter in this region is shorter than winter in other parts of the country, but it is no less welcome when it comes. Nevertheless, there appears to be an annual adjustment period for drivers, as they likely had not shared the road with motorcycles during the winter months.

Perhaps this is why May is motorcycle safety month. As we head towards the unofficial start of summer (Memorial Day weekend) there are several tips that motorcycle riders should follow. This post will highlight them. 

Are more drivers ignoring stopped school buses?


School is not out for the summer for another month, but it appears that some drivers believe that school is not in session the way that they have disregarded safety lights and stop signs that buses have. According to a recent ABC News.com report, school bus drivers from across the nation have reported rampant violations of safety rules. Across 29 states, there were 76,000 reports of drivers disregarding school buses.

Tire concerns prompt call for speed limit changes by NHTSA

The summer driving season is important in North Carolina. Tourists from across the east coast drive through the state to get to mountain resorts and ocean getaway spots. Regardless of where drivers are coming from, they must contend with semi trucks; the largest and arguably the most dangerous vehicles on the road.

Safety advocates are concerned about the sheer size of semi trucks; but a new concern is arising because of the potential for truck tires to fail. According to a recent AP News report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is concerned about states raising their speed limits for trucks. 

Prom night safety tips that teen drivers should follow

If you have a teen driver who is so excited about going to the prom, it is okay to be worried. After all, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for young drivers. And there are inherently more accidents that occur as the school year draws near.

Because of these risks, it is prudent for parents and teens to revisit some of the basic rules for driving, including prohibitions on distracted driving, aggressive driving and drunken driving. Even with frank and honest conversations, there are a number of tips that teens can follow in order to stay safe on prom night. This post will highlight a few. 

What to do on wet roads during spring


The old saying “April showers brings May flowers” may have some significance if you love gardening. But if you are a regular driver, the April rains should resonate with you because they can become a hazard. Just like icy roads during the winter, drivers must be vigilant when driving on wet roads as well. For those who are not familiar with how dangerous driving in downpours can be, keep in mind that more than 1 million accidents occur each year across the United States.

New travel guide should renew focus on road safety

Spring is here! Gone are the cold and icy days of winter; and with them, the threat of black ice that slows everything down to a crawl. With that, the Charlotte Observer recently published its latest travel guide edition that featured more than 30 destinations across the state that people must drive to.

Some included coastal locations, including Port Fisher, Jockey’s Ridge and Pea Island, as well as mountain destinations, such as Hanging Rock, Chimney Rock and Mount Mitchell. The travel guide is poised to provide tourists from throughout the Carolinas and beyond with ample inspiration for road trips. 

The most common accidents where a driver is at fault

 If you have been in an accident, chances are that you may be questioning whether you are at fault, or was the other driver responsible for the crash. Depending on the type of crash you are involved in, you probably know that you were not to blame. But in either event, there must be proof of negligence to prevail in a personal injury lawsuit.

But in lieu of such proof, there are certain types of accidents where the moving party is almost always at fault. This post will highlight them. 

How to make the best of a parking lot accident

One of the great things about the end of March in our region is that the weather is considerably better than the beginning of the month. You may even start to see trees blooming, birds chirping and grass beginning to return to the color we love most. Yes, spring is just around the corner; which also means that people will be returning to shopping malls in earnest.

When this happens, the likelihood of parking lot accidents rises. Because of this, drivers must be additionally vigilant. Even with this, accidents still happens. So drivers should know what to do they crashes occur. 

Safe driving tips for motorcycle riders

Weather-wise, it looks like we have turned a corner. Gone are the threats of snow covered highways and threats of black ice; coming are warmer days and sunsets around 8:00 in the evening. These are telltale signs of spring. With that, people will bring their motorcycles out again.

Since motorcycles have not been around in earnest for a number of months, it is almost as if drivers have to get used to seeing them again. Because of this, there may be an adjustment period. During this time, motorcycle riders and drivers must take additional care to share the road. Even though this responsibility is shared, motorcycle riders stand to be seriously injured in an accident. Because of this, we offer this post that will highlight some helpful tips for riders to stay safe. 

Snow is melting, but road hazards still exist

There are many great things about the month of March. Daylight savings time and March Madness are two of the most popular things that people look forward to. But the break in winter weather is probably the most anticipated aspect of March. Gone are the arctic temperatures and constant threats of black ice. However, that does not mean that drivers must be any less vigilant while behind the wheel.

In some regions where a great deal of snow and ice fell, there are still areas where melting ice have formed pools of water on streets and highways. This creates the possibility for cars to hydroplane and lose control. Contrary to popular belief, it only takes a small amount of water to cause a car’s tires to lose contact with the road. Indeed, a number of tires are proficient with distributing water so that this does not happen when large puddles are hit, but hydroplaning can occur. 

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