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Why are national traffic fatality rates going back up?

We recently wrote about a bold pledge made by Volvo. The automaker says that by the year 2020, its new vehicles will be so safe that no occupants will be killed or seriously injured while riding in them. Volvo plans to accomplish this with a collection of features that automate most or all of the driving experience (presumably in cooperation with the advanced safety technology Volvo already uses).

For decades, the traffic fatality rate in the U.S. has been slowly but steadily declining, largely due to improved vehicle designs and advancements in safety features (especially seat belts and air bags). Unfortunately, however, that progress can be undone by the irresponsible behaviors many drivers practice behind the wheel.

FMCSA proposes new rule to take unsafe trucks off roads

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that large commercial trucks are dangerous. Oftentimes weighing 20-30 times more than the average passenger vehicle, large trucks were responsible for 3,602 deaths in 2013 alone. Of those deaths, 67 percent were the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicle.

It's because of these unsettling statistics that groups across the nation are asking the government to step in more when it comes to implementing stricter safety regulations. In recent years, driver fatigue and cellphone use have become hot-button topics, forcing major changes in legislation that has helped increase safety on the roads. But one change has been consistently overlooked: safety violations at roadside stops.

Carmakers plan for death free vehicle by 2020

When most people get into a car to go somewhere, they likely do not spend much time thinking about the fact a crash could occur. Whether you consider it or not, the reality is it could happen and the outcome could be devastating. In the worst cases those involved could die. Recognizing how catastrophic car accidents can be, carmakers are continuously trying to design vehicles that keep occupants safe.

What are common types of accidents that happen at hotels?

If you are going on vacation or taking a business trip, you are likely staying in a hotel for some or all of your traveling. You may have spent time shopping for the best price and best location to stay and when you get there, the last thing you want to worry about is your safety.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen in hotels. In fact, there are some that may be more common than others. Knowing what these types of accidents are can help you hopefully avoid them or pursue legal action if you have already been a victim of a similar incident.

Injured in a car accident? You may be able to recover damages

Car accidents occur throughout the state of North Carolina every day. While some of these crashes result in minor injuries only, it is possible that those involved could be seriously hurt and possibly even die. Following a crash, an injured party might be confused about what they should do. While getting the appropriate medical care is paramount, as soon as possible thought should also be given to whether legal action makes sense.

Issues with keyless ignition cars could lead to death

Vehicles with keyless ignition are becoming more and more common. While they may be more convenient to start, they may also pose a risk to people around them. The safety issue arises when people get out of their vehicles without shutting them off. Depending on where the vehicle is parked when this happens, it is possible those around could be affected by carbon monoxide poisoning.  This could cause illness and in the worst cases, death. The carbon monoxide can accrue because the car does not automatically shut down when a person gets out of the car with the key fob.

Safety of older drivers helped by vehicle technologies

While the idea is true that with older age comes experience, there is also a stigma that comes with aging regarding older drivers' capabilities on the roads. All of us will get older, however, and the need to drive tends to remain a constant. 

AAA reports that the amount of drivers ages 65 and older is greater now than at any other time in history. Therefore, it is a matter of safety to focus on mature drivers, their health, and their safety behind the wheel. There are ways, according to AAA, to keep older drivers safe drivers.

Woman killed in distracted driving crash

There are multiple reasons why a car accident might occur. Sometimes more than one thing is to blame. This appears to have been the case in a fatal crash that recently occurred in North Carolina. The collision resulted in the death of a 49-year-old woman.

The accident involved just two vehicles. The woman who died was behind the wheel of a vehicle that suffered a mechanical issue while travelling on the highway. While continuing to drive down the road, the troubled vehicle was struck from behind by a pickup. The woman driving the disabled vehicle died at the scene of the crash as a result of the injuries she suffered. Her mother—who was a passenger in her vehicle—survived with minor injuries, she was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Holidays bring fatigue, drinking, and accidents

We are right in the middle of the holiday season which means many people are keeping very busy. They may be shopping around for gifts for their family, preparing the menu for their holiday party, or cleaning their home for the arrival of out-of-town guests. All of this can lead to extreme exhaustion and quite a bit of stress.

While fatigue and stress can really put a toll on a person’s body, the two can also cause a person to be extremely sleepy as they go about their everyday activities. This means that the mother who has hit four stores in two hours after only five hours of sleep may be on the road with you. It means the man who is traveling by car from California to North Carolina to see his family for the holidays may be barely staying awake as he enters the highway you are on. While their efforts may be well-intentioned, the slightest mistake due to their sleepiness could cost your family members their lives.

Proving liability important in premises liability claim

There are many ways that someone who resides in North Carolina could find that they are injured. There are also multiple locations where someone could be hurt. Sometimes people are injured while visiting the property of another. Whether that property is residential or commercial, if the way in which the property was maintained contributed to the injury producing incident, it may be possible to take legal action against the owner or possessor of the property in a premises liability lawsuit.

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