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Semi-truck driver killed during delivery

A semi-truck driver was killed after he was crushed by cardboard materials during a delivery. The 63-year-old trucker backed successfully into the loading dock. When he climbed to get out of his big rig, the load apparently shifted and crushed him.

The man was pronounced dead after resuscitation efforts were halted. The medical staff was in contact with emergency room staff when the decision was made to end the resuscitation efforts. Nothing suspicious was noted, but the sheriff's office is waiting on a report from the medical examiner to complete their investigation.

Drunk drivers can face more than just criminal charges

Drunk drivers put other people at risk of injury or death each and every time they decide to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The fact that the drunk driver makes a choice to drive after drinking means that drunk driving accidents are actually preventable. If the inebriated person would stay away from the driver's seat, the accident wouldn't occur.

We know that having your life changed because someone else was reckless is a nightmare. You didn't deserve to suffer the injuries you did. You were the victim of a crime -- drunk driving.

Key DUI accident statistics

To know how safe you are on the road, it's important to keep an eye on DUI accident trends, which are heavily influenced by many factors, such as changes to the laws, public awareness movements, and the like. Below are some of the more recent DUI stats you should be aware of:

1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that weekends were twice as dangerous as week days. When looking at all fatal wrecks, 15 percent involved alcohol during the week, but 30 percent involved alcohol on the weekends.

Car accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries

Nobody is ever prepared to be involved in a car accident. These accidents occur so quickly that there is often little to no time to brace yourself for the accident. This means that you are at the mercy of the accident. There is a seemingly endless list of injuries that can occur during a car accident; however, one of the most severe of those is a brain injury. We know that suffering from a serious brain injury is a difficult moment in your life.

Brain injuries can easily affect every single aspect of your life. Your ability to think, communicate and take care of your daily needs can be compromised. From the second that the injury occurs, your life will change. First, you will possibly need extensive medical care at an emergency room because a traumatic brain injury is an emergency.

Motorcycle awareness in May

Across the country, people in each state are getting ready to celebrate Motorcycle Awareness Month in May. The governor of North Carolina made a proclamation that May would be used to raise awareness about motorcycle safety in 2012. At that time, the proclamation stated that there were more than 132,000 motorcycles registered in the state and as many as 260,000 people licensed to drive them.

Four years later, the month is still dedicated to Motorcycle Awareness. Law enforcement agencies, state agencies and organizations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Bike Safe North Carolina and North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Education Program work to bring drivers education about motorcycles on the roads. Much of that education goes toward encouraging other drivers on the road to be courteous toward and aware of motorcyclists.

Impaired driving: Still dangerous on North Carolina roads

Too many drivers think that as long as they aren't technically breaking any laws, anything they do behind the wheel is okay. However, the fact is that a driver who is taking risks or making bad decisions behind the wheel can be held accountable for any damage done as a result.

For instance, let's consider drunk driving. Every driver in Greenville should know that driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher is illegal and dangerous. But what many people fail to recognize is that even a driver under that limit has the potential to cause a serious accident.

U-turn leads to traffic fatality in North Carolina

Sitting in traffic of any type can be frustrating, and navigating busy or complex roads when you have somewhere to be is never fun. It can be tempting to opt for the easy way through a traffic situation, such as a U-turn or maneuvering on the shoulder. Such tactics can cause safety issues for yourself and others on the road, though, which is what happened recently in a North Carolina city.

A man driving a Jeep Wrangler decided to make a U-turn on the road. While he was doing so, a motorcyclist was approaching on the roadway. According to reports, the motorcyclist attempted to break to avoid the Jeep, but he did not have enough time to slow down completely.

What steps should you take immediately following a car accident?

The minutes and hours just after a car accident can rush by in a blur. If you are seriously injured, you will likely not be able to do anything but hang one while paramedics and other emergency responders handle the situation and get you to a local hospital. If you have minor to moderate injuries, or are not injured, then you may be able to handle some tasks at the scene of the accident.

The first thing anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident should do is manage personal safety and assist, when possible, with the safety of others. That means assessing yourself to determine what type of injuries you might have, calling for help and moving people to safety outside of vehicles and away from the road if possible. While you typically shouldn't move vehicles before police arrive on the scene, there are some obvious exceptions. If you are in a fender bender on a busy highway, for example, and no one is injured, moving vehicles to the shoulder can help prevent another accident.

Injuries can occur on shopping trips

Store owners are responsible for the condition of their stores. If the store owner doesn't have a suitable method for keeping the premises safe for customers, the customers who are shopping at the establishment can be injured. That is why keeping up with the maintenance of the shop is such an important duty of store owners.

One of the maintenance projects that can't be ignored is keeping the floors clean. When things get spilled or fall on the floor, those hazards must be picked up as quickly as possible. If the floor is wet, customers must be warned of the hazard. Without being warned of hazards on the floor, customers might not see the hazards and end up slipping or tripping. A slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident can lead to very serious injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, or spinal cord injuries.

Fatigued truckers can lead to horrible accidents

Truckers who are transporting large, heavy loads must be fully aware of what is going on around them. If a trucker is fatigued, then he or she isn't able to concentrate properly on the roadway. This can place people who are near the semi truck in danger of being involved in an accident. An accident with a semi truck and a smaller passenger vehicle can lead to serious injuries or death.

Many people falsely believe that only lack of sleep contributes to trucker fatigue. That isn't the case. Trucker fatigue can be caused by a host of different factors. In some cases, multiple factors work together to cause the fatigue.

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