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Three helpful things to do after a car accident

When you plan a holiday weekend road trip, you may think about the essentials: how much food to pack in the cooler; whether there are movies for the kids to watch, whether you packed all that you will need at your destination, whether you need to get gas.

In all of your pre-trip preparations, you probably don’t think about what to do in the event of an accident. After all, why should you? Most people are safe, prudent drivers who have never been in a crash. Nevertheless it is better to be safe than sorry. With that, we offer the following tips for what to do after an accident

Could a clear truck save lives?

Driving behind a slow moving truck on a remote, two-lane road can be annoying. On the one hand, you may want to pass the truck since it may be travelling below the speed limit, or at least below the speed limit you may want to be driving. On the other hand, you don’t want to end up in a head-on collision with another car while attempting to overtake the truck, since many times the trailer is too large to see other cars coming in the other direction.

If South Korean electronics company Samsung has its way, this safety hazard could be alleviated. According to an ABC News.com report, the company is developing what can be called “see through” trucks, which will enable drivers to see what is in front of the truck to enable safer passing. 

Why you should know about PTSD after a car accident

It’s perfectly normal to be shaken up after a car accident. After all, who leaves their home, backs out of their driveway and proceeds to their destination actually expecting to be in an accident? Before the year 2015 is over, more than two million accidents are expected to occur across the U.S. With these crash numbers, it is possible for nearly 30,000 to develop severe emotional issues stemming from the accident.

There are several reasons behind this. First, the emotional trauma could such that a person develops post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). This is an emotional state where a person may continually relive the accident through flashbacks or have problems dealing with the fear or remorse that lingers after a crash. Because of this, an accident victim could become depressed or develop anxiety problems that they never had to deal with before. 

Why you should avoid using your cell phone while driving

In the past few years, anti-distracted driving campaigns have become ubiquitous with auto safety. Countless lives have been lost in accidents caused by texting while driving (and talking on a cell phone) while behind the wheel.

Even with the warnings about how far a car travels when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road, there are many people who still use them; ostensibly under the impression that bad things won’t happen to them. However, with the summer driving season in full swing, it is important to remind our readers of the legal liability that texting while driving or talking on a cell phone could have

Settlement reached between Wal-Mart and Tracy Morgan

Last July, Tracy Morgan’s life changed in an instant when the limousine van he was riding in was struck by a semi-truck owned by Wal-Mart. The U.S. largest retailer initially said that it was not responsible for the injuries suffered by Morgan and his entourage (including the death of James McNair) because they were not wearing seatbelts.

Wal-Mart took this position even though it was discovered that the driver of the truck had been awake for more than 24 hours prior to the crash, and had driven from Georgia to Delaware that same day simply to pick up the truck.

Conversations that parents and teen drivers should have

If you have a teenaged driver who is graduating this month, you are probably a ball of mixed emotions. On the one hand, you are proud of him or her because of their accomplishments. Graduating (and even graduating with high honors) is a grand accomplishment. On the other hand, you probably are mystified with how quickly time has passed, as it seems like just yesterday they were in diapers.

But your biggest worry likely has to do with where they are going to celebrate their accomplishments; especially given that alcohol is likely going to be involved, even though they insist that they will not drink. The reality is that car accidents are the leading cause of death for young people aged 15 to 20 years old. So while your graduate may be very responsible, it is worth going over the following guidelines.

Tips for new and old motorcycle accidents

In North Carolina, riding motorcycles during the spring is almost like an annual ritual. Yes, winter in this region is shorter than winter in other parts of the country, but it is no less welcome when it comes. Nevertheless, there appears to be an annual adjustment period for drivers, as they likely had not shared the road with motorcycles during the winter months.

Perhaps this is why May is motorcycle safety month. As we head towards the unofficial start of summer (Memorial Day weekend) there are several tips that motorcycle riders should follow. This post will highlight them. 

Are more drivers ignoring stopped school buses?


School is not out for the summer for another month, but it appears that some drivers believe that school is not in session the way that they have disregarded safety lights and stop signs that buses have. According to a recent ABC News.com report, school bus drivers from across the nation have reported rampant violations of safety rules. Across 29 states, there were 76,000 reports of drivers disregarding school buses.

Tire concerns prompt call for speed limit changes by NHTSA

The summer driving season is important in North Carolina. Tourists from across the east coast drive through the state to get to mountain resorts and ocean getaway spots. Regardless of where drivers are coming from, they must contend with semi trucks; the largest and arguably the most dangerous vehicles on the road.

Safety advocates are concerned about the sheer size of semi trucks; but a new concern is arising because of the potential for truck tires to fail. According to a recent AP News report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is concerned about states raising their speed limits for trucks. 

Prom night safety tips that teen drivers should follow

If you have a teen driver who is so excited about going to the prom, it is okay to be worried. After all, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for young drivers. And there are inherently more accidents that occur as the school year draws near.

Because of these risks, it is prudent for parents and teens to revisit some of the basic rules for driving, including prohibitions on distracted driving, aggressive driving and drunken driving. Even with frank and honest conversations, there are a number of tips that teens can follow in order to stay safe on prom night. This post will highlight a few. 

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